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Sonny Milano with an insane goal

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Oct 05h17

Gretzky: “It’s a 4 thousand dollar watch I got for fifteen hundred bucks." Chelios: “That’s a sharp looking watch."

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Oct 20h36

Game 7 of the Underworld Stanley Cup

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Oct 03h51

Evander Kane with the hat trick in the first period against the Hurricanes

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Oct 07h21
Streamables from /u/mk712: Goal \#1: https://streamable.com/kkbbt Goal \#2: https://streamable.com/x7pt8 Goal \#3: https://streamable.com/owv02 Intermission interview: https://streamable.com/gclv3

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[PIT 1 - 1 COL] Sidney Crosby dekes past Samuel Girard to score a beautiful goal to tie the game

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Oct 03h52

Connor McDavid Steals the Puck and Shelfs it to go up 3-1 on the Flyers

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Oct 07h05

Brandon Tanev wins it for the Penguins on a short-handed OT game-winner

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Oct 06h00

Carlson scores for his league leading 14th point in 8 games

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Oct 04h29

With 5 points tonight, McDavid moves to 17 points in 7 games.

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Oct 08h20
[Assist 1](https://streamable.com/tkfz8) [Goal 1](https://streamable.com/7eqyc) [Assist 2](https://streamable.com/sltll) [Assist 3](https://streamable.com/c807n) [Assist 4](https://streamable.com/netup) Credit to u/ABirdOfParadise for the streamables He's really gonna fuck around and get 200 points this year, isn't he.

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On @timandsid right now @FriedgeHNIC said that IF the Devils get to a point where they THINK about dealing Taylor Hall, he wouldn’t be surprised if Edmonton was interested in him.

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Oct 02h03

Kadri misses a check, enters the bench with style

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Oct 04h18

The Dallas Stars have fewer wins, points, and just four more goals scored than the New York Rangers. The big problem with that is that the Stars just finished their 8th game and the Rangers have played only 3 so far.

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Oct 06h18

Eichel steals the puck, goes end to end for the goal

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Oct 06h23

Ladies and gentlemen, 47 year old Jaromir Jagr

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Oct 11h25

Report: Columbus Blue Jackets head coach John Tortorella has procedure to remove skin cancer growth - TSN.ca

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Oct 20h55