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Jake Voracek post game interview response

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 06h17

[Henrik Lundqvist] Left the hospital yesterday. 🙌🏻 I’ve spend a lot of days away from my kids over the last 5-8 years because of hockey. The last 9 days felt way different.. It literally warmed my heart pulling up to the driveway.

Reddit /r/hockey | 15 Jan 19h11

Jason Spezza has scored more points for the Ottawa Senators than the entire Senators roster combined.

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 03h32
Spezza scored 687 for the Senators, the entire Sens roster playing against Spezza tonight has scored 430 for the team.

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[Snow The Goalie] Mike Sielski just asked a question to which Voracek said, "It doesn't matter what I say, you're going to write f***ing s**t anyway... I wasn't going to answer your question, you're (such a) weasel."

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 06h14

[Salvian] Chris Tanev just gave us his take on his brother’s headshot: “I don’t know what happened maybe he saw a ghost before he shot the picture.”

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 03h21

[Brent Wallace] Tim Stütle’s NHL nickname is “Jimmy" and sometimes “Jimmy Stü.” I’m told Tkachuk wanted to mess with his new teammate and roommate and started calling him Jimmy and it has now stuck with the players. Norris says, “Sometimes I forget his name is actually Tim.”

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 02h09

Flyers [4] - 2 Penguins : Konecny hat-trick

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 05h47

Devon Toews scores his 1st an Av, makes it 8-0 Colorado [STL - COL]

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 07h31

[Streamable] Rantanen one timers his 100th goal on the PP

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 06h40

The Gaps of Ottawa

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 03h24

Gabe Landeskog tucks in the 200th of his career!

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 06h38

[Colorado Avalanche] MacKinnon is just built different

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 07h31

[OTT (1)-1 TOR] Ottawa's first goal of the year is a Chabot one-timer from the dot. Batherson and Norris (First NHL Point) get assists.

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 03h52

[Carpiniello] Tony DeAngelo, who took an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (and played poorly) Thursday skated with the taxi squad Friday. Anthony Bitetto was on the ice with the varsity

Reddit /r/hockey | 15 Jan 21h15

Flyers [5] - 2 Penguins : Oskar Lindlom scores his second in two games!

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Jan 05h42