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[Milbury] Hockey is alive and well Max Kellerman. The MLB only has a steady viewership because men over the age of 70 use it as a sleep remedy. I prefer vodka.

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jun 18h09

[Ryan Holt] Cooper Marody has written / produced a song called “Agape” in honor of teammate Colby Cave. It will be released on June 12. Proceeds go to the Cave Memorial Fund

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jun 22h34

[Boston Bruins] A statement from Zdeno Chara.

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jun 21h09

[theScore] O'Reilly: Winning Stanley Cup 'completely revamped' my career

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jun 20h33

What's the toughest thing you've seen?

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jun 00h51
I'd have to say Big Z getting his jaw blown apart by a clapper and then making the starting line up the next game. https://youtu.be/dzSTthX82Ik Edit: for most the players suggested, the play in question is the first thing that comes up when you search them. That's pretty badass that there are this many guys in the league that have done something so tough that it's what they're known for.

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Goalie wins leaders by team: Guess the season

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jun 02h40

[Boston Bruins] The captain.

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jun 00h53

[Panarin] Panarin criticising Russia's political system in Instagram video - video in Russian

Reddit /r/hockey | 05 Jun 22h34

Which teams have won the Stanley cup without a star defender?

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jun 02h10

When we had hockey still

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jun 02h42

[EA Sports NHL] Chel shouldn't be a place for any form of hatred, bigotry or racism. We have manually actioned on thousands of accounts to date, but it hasn't been enough, and that's on us. We are taking immediate steps to address this problem.

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jun 05h51

The 1936-37 Boston Bruins teach hockey: Pathe News produced this 10-minute hockey instructional film 83 years ago. In it, Bun Cook, Eddie Shore, Bill Cowley, Jack Portland, Tiny Thompson, and other Bruins players demonstrate the fundamentals of the sport.

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jun 20h36

Patrick Marleau is only 45 games away from breaking Gordie Howe's record of most NHL games played. Do you think he does it?

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jun 05h32
Marleau is at 1723GP, Howe's record is 1767GP, Marleau is 40. Also when looking it up to make sure I had the numbers right I was reminded that Marleau is actually on Pittsburgh right now which I had completely forgotten.

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Throwback to when Crosby shattered Methot's fingertip

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jun 04h08

Why Daniel Alfredsson should be a lock for the Hall of Fame

Reddit /r/hockey | 06 Jun 20h08
Another Hall of Fame debate? Alfie was an elite 2-way winger for 18 seasons playing for Ottawa and Detroit. He played half of his career in the dead puck era and didnt join the NHL until he was 23 years old. |Regular season|1157 pts (54th)|1246 GP (93rd)| |:-|:-|:-| |Era Adj. ranks|1261 pts (33rd)|| * From 35-40 years old Alfie put up 400 points in 463 games, he aged like fine wine & was still a huge part of his teams core until his final game * Calder trophy winner, Olympic gold medalist, King Clancy Award, Mark Messier award

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