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2016-2017 Players list

Again this year, we prepare a players list with more than 350 players and goalies. The list is available to you for free.

You can choose between the PDF version or the EXCEL one. Feel free to edit and share with your friends.

60 years ago today Willie O’Ree broke the NHL’s color barrier

Reddit /r/hockey | 18 Jan 14h36

[Shinzawa] Zdeno Chara's last shift was 4:18. Killed all of Charlie McAvoy's penalty and 1:34 of Brandon Carlo's. Immense.

Reddit /r/hockey | 18 Jan 05h09

Getzlaf becomes first Ducks player with 600 career assists. Now 41st player to get that many with one team.

Reddit /r/hockey | 18 Jan 09h36

Hockey saves the world: Koreas to carry single Olympic flag, field united female hockey team.

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Jan 16h19

Claude Julien gets a standing ovation from Bruins fans during his return game to Boston

Reddit /r/hockey | 18 Jan 04h22

Jonathan Drouin vs Mini-Bruins

Reddit /r/hockey | 18 Jan 16h33

The Penn State hockey fans student section try and get an Ohio State goalie to fix his water bottle

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Jan 23h47

Jokinen on his placement to waivers: "I was surprised. I think I played well in LA."

Reddit /r/hockey | 18 Jan 16h38
Jokinen told this in a Finnish newspaper. Also said he understood his trade from Edmonton as he was not playing too well there and Oilers was losing constantly. He says he is now playing "for his future in the NHL" and while at it wants to do everything in his power to take CBJ to the playoffs. https://www.is.fi/nhl/art-2000005528891.html

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[Serious] Can mods sticky facts in threads that are becoming just speculative witch hunts?

Reddit /r/hockey | 18 Jan 16h39
This Chayka situation is becoming eerily similar to when this sub vilified Andrew Shaw for seemingly using a slur again when in fact he said “it’s not fucking fair”. Relevant information to the story appears but is buried by the already bought into circlejerk and everyone runs rampant with their wild speculation to fit their narrative. I think it would be nice if mods stickied a comment with information relevant to these topics so people have the facts, not the fan created narrative. It becomes more and more like Facebook here everyday when people buy into baseless speculation over 1 source without looking at any other sides.

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Matt Murray to miss an indefinite period of time after the passing of his father

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Jan 20h35

Bruins Announce Rene Rancourt's Retirement

Reddit /r/hockey | 18 Jan 00h04

Crosby puts on another puck handling clinic

Reddit /r/hockey | 18 Jan 07h23

Game Thread: Pittsburgh Penguins (24-19-3) at Anaheim Ducks (20-16-9) - 17 Jan 2018 - 07:00PM PST

Reddit /r/hockey | 18 Jan 05h30
#Pittsburgh [](/r/penguins) Penguins (24-19-3) at Anaheim [](/r/anaheimducks) Ducks (20-16-9) #Honda Center, Anaheim, CA, USA **[Comment with all tables](/r/hockey/comments/7r6ids/game_thread_pittsburgh_penguins_24193_at_anaheim/dsukwfw/)** #In-Game Updates *** |Time Clock| |:--:| |FINAL| |Teams|1st|2nd|3rd|Total| |:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:| |[](/r/penguins)|1|0|2|3| |[](/r/anaheimducks)|0|4|1|5| |Team|Shots|Hits|Blocked|FO Wins|Giveaways|Takeaways|Power Plays| |:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:| |[](/r/penguins)|33|21|9|40.0%|14|7|2/4| |[](/r/anaheimducks)|33|16|17|60.0%|15|6|0/2| |Period|Time|Team|Strength|Description| |:--:...

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Louis Domingue apparently takes offense at Craig Morgan's tweets about him

Reddit /r/hockey | 18 Jan 04h56

Max Pacioretty trips on a puck during warmup

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Jan 18h46