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Most physical NHL teams! (via thehockeyopinion on IG)

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Sep 02h04

Former Pro and Texas Hockey Coach, 29, Dies from Coronavirus Complications Just Days After First Feeling Unwell

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Sep 22h47

[DeFranks] Joel Kiviranta: “I don’t know what’s going on. Sometimes it starts to feel like wherever you shoot the puck, it goes in. Right now, I’m in that moment.”

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Sep 18h04

Melfort Mustangs defenceman, and Lethbridge Hurricanes prospect Dylan Ashe has died at age 18 in a vehicle rollover accident.

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Sep 02h03

TSN Reporter John Lu has Contracted COVID-19

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Sep 09h37

Albert Langlois, 3-time Cup winner with Canadiens, dies at 85

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Sep 06h13

The history of "Puck Off", the Dallas Stars goal song

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Sep 20h55

Teams that hit more do not necessarily win more in the playoffs

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Sep 03h58
I saw the stats here and on Twitter that show that four out of the five teams for hits/60 are this year's conference finalists. People seem to be viewing this as proof that physicality matters. I don't think this is proof of this and the math seems to bear it out. Previous to this year, where do the four conference finalists rank in hits/60 over the past four years? [2018 - 2019: 9, 10, 11, 12](http://www.nhl.com/stats/teams?report=realtime&reportType=season&seasonFrom=20182019&seasonTo=20182019&gameType=3&filter=gamesPlayed,gte,1&sort=hitsPer60&page=0&pageSize=50) [2017 - 2018: 3, 5, 9, 13](http://www....

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[Jimmy Kimmel] Sorry Canada, you still don’t have this….

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Sep 07h23

[Leo] Sidney Crosby wins his second Emmy Award, this time for Sports-One-Time Special as a producer for the Pittsburgh Penguins' video "Merci Sidney"

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Sep 11h06

What is one position or type of player your team is unbelievably bad at drafting?

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Sep 04h47
As an example, the Flames are heinously bad at drafting goalies. It’s been around 30 years since we’ve drafted and developed a goalie who became a legit NHLer for us.

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[Friedman] Add another team/player to the goalie market: DET and Jimmy Howard. Howard, 36, said he was “probably not” going to continue with the Red Wings, but squashed rumours he was retiring, saying, “Someone is going to have to tell me I can’t play anymore”...

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Sep 19h33

NHL could push back start of 2020-21 regular season, Gary Bettman says

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Sep 21h36

[Murray Pam] Sens RFA D Andreas Englund has joined Västerviks IK in the Allsvenskan. A local hotel and restaurant are responsible for his salary. It's unclear if Englund will re-sign and return to the Senators organization.

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Sep 04h13

Part-Owner of Jokerit, Oleg Deripaska Named as Confidential Client in the FinCEN Files about Banks Defying U.S. Crackdowns

Reddit /r/hockey | 21 Sep 00h11