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2018-2019 Players list

Again this year, we prepare a players list with more than 350 players and goalies. The list is available to you for free.

You can choose between the PDF version or the EXCEL one. Feel free to edit and share with your friends.

Rest of Canada relieved they no longer have to cheer for Boston

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 10h09

Pavelski bleeding out his helmet while on the ice floor unconsciously.

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 11h20

I assert that the NHL could make the 3rd period + overtime of SJS/VGK game 7 free to watch in full on YouTube and gain hundreds, if not thousands, of new fans.

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 12h43
Seriously, what better way to hook potential new fans than to give them a taste of the absolute best this sport has to offer? The NHL has nothing to lose and everything to gain by making extended portions of highly entertaining games free to watch online for everyone.

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The Vegas Golden Knights have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs, after losing to the San Jose Sharks in 7 games.

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 01h23

Thornton taking care of his bud Pavelski after the head injury

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 11h01

Kevin Labanc is the only player in NHL history to score 4 points on a single power play.

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 10h49
It's not as obvious as one would think. Of the three previous 4-goal power plays, the record was three points which was held by four different players. Labanc (1G 3A) is the only to score a goal. Mathew Barzal 3A (NYI - 2018) Tomas Kaberle 3A (TOR - 2011) Al MacInnis 3A (STL - 1998) Chris Pronger 3A (STL - 1998)

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The San Jose Sharks became the 2nd team in NHL history to overcome a 3-goal deficit in the 3rd period of Game 7 and win, the other team to accomplish this feat was the Bruins over Leafs in 2013.

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 14h18

Anthony Duclair has been accused of harassing women online. This is his response: “Someone is using my pictures on tinder and made a fake account on snap chat with my name. Do not fall for this person, I’m trying my hardest to get this person removed. Sorry for the inconvience, thank you.”

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 15h51

[Ray Ferraro] If everybody looked at that play last night in live time only (as the refs had to do) it would be virtually impossible to get it right all the time. I was 70 feet or so from contact (same side as low official) and it took me 3 looks on my monitor to see what happened

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 11h08

The Sharks score 4 PP goals in the SAME penalty to come back from a 3-0 deficit

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 00h24

The San Jose Sharks, down 3-0, score 4 times on a 5 minute power play to take the lead in Game 7

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 00h47

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs, after losing to the Boston Bruins in 7 games.

Reddit /r/hockey | 23 Apr 21h33

Mark Stone, Erik Karlsson and Matt Duchene finished the first round with a combined 9 goals and 19 assists (28 points).

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 11h35
Erik Karlsson: 7GP 0G 9A 9P Mark Stone: 7GP 6G 6A 12P Matt Duchene: ~~5~~ 4GP 3G 4A 7P

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Barclay Goodrow flies in with a burst of speed and completes the Sharks Comeback

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 01h26

With 2 helpers last night, Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson finished the first round with 9 assists, the second most in a series by a defenseman in NHL history.

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Apr 09h01
He trails only Paul Coffey (11 in 1985 SCF w/ EDM) and Al MacInnis (11 in 1984 DF w/CGY). https://twitter.com/PR_NHL/status/1120931198430326784?s=19 Edit: he's technically third, since MacInnis and Coffey are tied for first

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