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2016-2017 Players list

Again this year, we prepare a players list with more than 350 players and goalies. The list is available to you for free.

You can choose between the PDF version or the EXCEL one. Feel free to edit and share with your friends.

Last off season Karl Alzner leaves Capitals because he “wants to win”. Capitals are now in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Reddit /r/hockey | 25 May 01h02

Backstroms finger might be a little injured..

Reddit /r/hockey | 25 May 05h42

Marc-Andre Fleury will be a guest on tomorrow’s Spittin’ Chiclets

Reddit /r/hockey | 25 May 00h52

Very first reply to "Predict the 2018 Stanley Cup Final." thread from September 18, 2017

Reddit /r/hockey | 25 May 07h53

Evander Kane officially signed to a 7 year contract with the sharks

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 May 18h48

If the Capitals win the Stanley Cup Ovechkins name will be put on it the same year Maurice Richard's gets taken off

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 May 23h56
EDIT - Some people are confused so i'll throw in my comment from earlier on here Just thought having one of the best goal scorers of all time being taken off only to have another best goal scorer of all time to be put on was neat

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Pens and Caps Role Reversal

Reddit /r/hockey | 25 May 04h41

Ovi took the Prince of Wales trophy home and is now using it as a centerpiece

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 May 16h16

Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom’s long journey together reaches Stanley Cup finals at last

Reddit /r/hockey | 25 May 02h46

Wilson's face after he punched Coburn's helmet off.

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 May 19h53

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been eliminated from the playoffs by the Capitals in 7 games

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 May 06h43

[Smith] Yzerman said couple players were dealing with “significant” injuries and may require surgery. Will know more after medicals today.

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 May 23h49

Opening Stanley Cup Finals odds are out. Vegas favoured at -130.

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 May 22h20
There aren’t any doubters anymore. There isn’t an us against the world narrative anymore. They’re the cup favorite. The Capitals have to silence the doubters. I still can’t believe this scenario. Not only is Vegas in the cup final, but they’re the favorite against one of the best teams in the NHL over the last 3 years.

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(From 31 Thoughts) Vegas reportedly offering to buy back tickets with 1-to-500 odds of the Golden Knights winning the Stanley Cup

Reddit /r/hockey | 25 May 06h10
In the latest 31 Thoughts podcast released today Friedman mentioned this and I thought it would be a good discussion for the off day. "He told me he went before the year and put $100 on Vegas. So his ticket is worth $50,000. Now did you hear what's happening? Vegas is offering to buy back some of these tickets. For example if you're in line to win $50,000 they'll pay you $10,000 now." - Elliotte's quote from around 1:21:00 of the May 24th episode of the podcast. [Podcast link](https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/31-thoughts-the-podcast/id1332150124?mt=2)

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Soooo...what are you all up to tonight.

Reddit /r/hockey | 25 May 03h57
I know this happens every year. But there's no hockey tonight and I don't know what to do with myself.

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