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Box pool

Who ?

This is your first hockey pool? Watching hockey with friends is an opportunity to gather around a sporting event? You follow the feats of your team and know the big names in the NHL? This type of pools is ideal for groups with a lower commitment and with basic hockey knowledge.

  • Hockey knowledge level : Low-Moderate
  • Involvment : Low
  • Ideal number of participants : Any number

What ?

Office Pools, family or friends, the box pool is easy and intuitive to organize. Not requiring a big involvement in terms of time, this is the solution for those who wish to be part of hockey fever and wants to have fun.

Design your own boxes

You don't like our boxes templates ? Simply do yours your own way, whether you want 15 players by box or 15 boxes of 2 players.

Among our features

  • Trades - Switch players from the same box.
  • Invite poolers - Share your pool everywhere and let poolers enter their own lineup.
  • Live standings - Watch your points and position increase as NHL games goes live.
  • Templates - Many templates are offered or you can create your own, from scratch.
  • Events - Get informed of everything that happens in your pool.
  • Forum - Talk (or trashtalk) with other poolers.

Mobiles & Tablets

We are now a responsive website that fits the device you are using. Whether you are on your phone, tablet or computer, you will always get your information displayed optimally.

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