Draft Box Demo Pricing

Box pool



You can switch a player for another within the same box.

  • Number : Limit the total number of free agent trades a pooler can do.
  • Deadlines : Set any date range and limit the number of free agent trade that can happen during this period.
  • Team trading : Allowing the option to trade teams.
  • Swap : Points can either start when the trade occur or from the beginning of the season.


  • Default : We offer some templates to accommodate as many pool as possible.
  • Custom : You can set up your own template by choosing the number of boxes and every player in each boxes.

Top n Rule

  • Total : Only calcule the n best players in every pooler's team.
  • By position : Only calcule the n best players in every pooler's team by position.


Here is an exhaustive list of stats that you can use for calculating points. Note that you can choose how any type of forwards, defensemens, goalies and teams are calculated.

  • Goals
  • Assists
  • Powerplay goals
  • Powerplay assists
  • Shorthanded goald
  • Shorthanded assists
  • Hat tricks
  • Game winning goals
  • Overtime goals
  • Shootout goals
  • Plus-minus
  • Shots
  • Blocks
  • Hits
  • Faceoffs won
  • Giveaways
  • Takeaways
  • Penalty minutes
  • Minor penalties
  • Major penalties
  • 1st stars
  • 2nd stars
  • 3rd stars
  • 3rd stars

Goalies and teams

  • Games started
  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Overtime losses
  • Shootout losses
  • Shutouts

In every pool

Live standings

Watch how many points you are adding to your pool while live NHL games are playing.

Players in pool

  • By round
  • Free agent
  • By teams

Forum & Events interactions

  • Forum : Each pool has it's own forum where you can write and do... whatever you want
  • Events comment : You can comment on almost every event that happens in a pool. If a pooler send a trade offer to another pooler, you can comment on it and it can be viewed by everyone.
  • Events like/dislike/lol : Like the events comment, you can choose to like/dislike/lol almost any events (or comments) in your pool.


  • Poolers : Add / Edit / Remove any pooler
  • Players : Add / Edit / Remove any player link to a pooler
  • Players info : Modification can be done for salary and label/position of any players
  • Trades : Add / Delete trade for any pooler
  • Free agents : Add / Delete free agent trade for any pooler
  • Reserve : Add / Delete reserve movement for any pooler
  • Rules : Change any ruling at all time

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