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Draft pool

Who ?

You are the one who knows every statistics of every player in the NHL? You always have an opinion on trades, lines, goaltenders, etc. ? You are passionate about hockey? You have a group of hockey fans friends and always argue with them? The draft pool is the best pick for you.

  • Hockey knowledge level : Moderate-High
  • Involvement : Moderate-High
  • Ideal number of participants : About 15 maximum
  • Fee : 20$ for the entire pool (and not 20$ per participant)

What ?

The draft pool is ideal for poolers wanting to have a pool they can customize according to their needs. The many features allows you to build your pool according to your criteria. It is one of the most complex hockey pool format, suggesting a high involvement by poolers. This is the recommended pool for small groups who wants to go deeper in their hockey pools experience.

Trade between poolers

You want to offer Tavares for Kessel and Gaudreau? You can do it! you will be able to trade any combination of player you want, 1 vs 1, 2 vs 1, etc.

Among our features

  • Free agents - Trade for the best available players
  • Trades - Play the GM and negociate with other poolers
  • Active/Reserve - Can be use as a farm team
  • TOP n Rule : Calculate only the n best players in your pool.
  • Self-picks - Let poolers enter their own lineup
  • Events tracker - Get all the information about your pool by notification or email (customizable)

Mobiles & Tablets

We are now a responsive website that fits the device you are using. Whether you are on your phone, tablet or computer, you will always get your information displayed optimally.

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