Do you manage KEEPERS pools ?

Yes we do. In fact, it is possible to import a previous one-year pool to keep all the parameters from your previous pools. We are working hard to add for the 2021-2020 season several new features to customize as much as possible "keepers league". Register your pool this year and you will for sure keep all your information for the next seasons, we garantee it.

I created a pool on LiveDraft last year, may I access the players we had in our pool and use it for the next season ?

Certainly, just contact us and we will give you your list.

Is it mandatory that each poolers register an account to access the pool ?

No, it is not mandatory, but highly recommended. When you create a pool, you are asked to enter a Pool login. With this login, anyone may access the pool as a "visitor". Having an account allows you to assign your email adress to your pool and have custom informations of your players.

How to assign my account to my pool ?

When you connect to your pool with the pool login, a popup window will appear and ask you to assign your account. If you clic cancel, it will still be possible to use the link on the left menu "link my account" and assign you to the right pooler.

How to create an open pool ?

An open pool is a draft pool where you set flexible rules to your poolers. To do it, you check the options "Poolers can choose the same players" and “Allow poolers to enter their own lineup”. When you have entered all the parameters of your pool (points, slot by position, etc.), invite poolers in your pool.

What is a slot ?

A slot is a lineup space that you can customize by position, for example, by indicating how many centers, right wing, defenseman etc.

What is the slot "wildcard" ?

This slot indicate that poolers can assign any type of players they want like a defenseman, a right wing, center, etc.

How to change pooler name in the Admin/picks menu to assign players to all poolers?

Click on the name of the pooler you are already in his lineup. It is located just after the "Picks of ..." title, near the "Salary cap left" info. A drop down list will appear and you will be able to switch poolers. Remember to save often to avoid losing your lineup.

How to share the pool link to your friends ?

In the Admin menu under the Poolers tab , list your friend’s email. The will receive the email info to create an account. You can also give them the pool Login so that they may log in as “visitor”.

How long is the trial ?

The trial is for a period of 10 days.

The "Allow poolers to enter their own lineup" option is checked. How can poolers enter their own lineup ?

Head to the Admin menu, then the picks menu will be available.

What should I set on the "Deadline" section of the trades, reserves and free agents category ?

You must set the deadline date allowed to perform an action. The end date must be greater or equal to the start date. Field “number” is used to allow X action (either trade, free agents or reserve, depending on your categories available). You can add as many deadline date as you want and indicate for each deadline the number of moves allowed.

As a pool Admin, am I allowed to enter someone else's lineup? (box pool only)

Yes, we added a tab in the admin menu that allows you to enter a name and hte lineup to this person. (for box pool).

Regarding moving reserve players, does it count as one or two moves if I switch a player inactive and send one in my active lineup?

The whole process of switching a player from your active roster to inactive and then move one player from inactive back to your active lineup count as one move only.

Some players are missing and salaries are not as I would like. What can I do ?

To add a player who is not in our database, simply contact us and we will add it for you. Regarding salaries issues, you can always change a player salary. Just go to the Admin section, picks tab and then in the right lineup table, click on the player salary to change it. You can also change the round selection of a player and the label, if you created some personalized labels.